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Classroom and Field Classes

Embark on an Educational Journey with a Foraging Expert

Join us for an enriching experience led by Gentleman Forager’s respected instructor, Mike Kempenich. With a depth of expertise honed over decades of professional foraging, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to our classes, offering insights that go beyond the ordinary.

An Experienced Educator with Professional Foraging Credentials

Mike’s journey as an educator began at respected institutions like the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin Extensions, where he shared his passion for wild mushrooms as a certification instructor for their wild mushroom identification courses. His dedication to education and his professional-level foraging experience have made him a trusted authority in the field.

Pioneering Commercial Cultivation and Foraging

In addition to his teaching credentials, Mike boasts a remarkable background as a commercial exotic mushroom cultivator and professional forager. For over a decade, he has supplied tens of thousands of pounds of wild-foraged mushrooms to wholesale customers, earning him recognition as a leader in the industry.

A Seasoned Explorer of Nature’s Bounty

Mike’s expertise isn’t confined to cultivation and instruction; he’s also a seasoned explorer of the natural world. With a keen eye for quality and sustainability, Mike has forged relationships with the land and its offerings, delivering premium wild mushrooms to discerning customers while respecting and preserving the ecosystems that nurture them.

Your Guide to Foraging and Culinary Exploration

As your guide on this journey of discovery, Mike combines his professional foraging experience with his passion for education, offering a comprehensive understanding of wild mushrooms and their culinary applications. With his guidance, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to appreciate and enjoy the bounty of nature responsibly.

Experience the Difference with Gentleman Forager

Join us for an unparalleled learning experience led by one of the industry’s most respected experts. Enroll in one of Mike Kempenich’s classes today and discover the world of wild mushrooms through the eyes of a true professional.

Take your foraging to the next level

Grab your boots and your sense of adventure — Gentleman Forager is calling! We’re all about diving deep into the green, unearthing nature’s secrets, and having fun while we’re at it. If you’re itching to get outside and mingle with the wild, you’ve found your tribe. From hands-on foraging and live tunes under the stars to feasting on the freshest wild foods, we promise you experiences that tickle your adventurous bones.