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Gentleman Forager is a company dedicated to exploring the world of foraging and wild foods, founded by Mike Kempenich, an experienced foraging and wild foods expert based in Minnesota, USA. With decades of experience gathering wild edibles, Kempenich has developed a unique knowledge of the plants and fungi that grow in the area. Mike is a contributing writer and photographer for "The Minnesota Harvester's Handbook" and has been featured on numerous television shows, including Minnesota Bound, Prairie Sportsman, State Plate with Taylor Hicks, PBS, Babe Winkelman Outdoors and in many publications such as Bon Appétit magazine, Outdoor Life, MarketWatch, and more. Kempenich has also taught wild mushroom identification classes at both the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin, sharing his expertise with others. He has been able to take his experience in foraging and wild foods and apply it to the development of several unique food products and flavors.

Gentleman Forager offers a range of services, including foraging classes, wild food products, outdoor events, catering, and wild-themed dinners. The classes cover a range of topics, from identifying wild mushrooms and medicinal plants to cooking with foraged ingredients and much more.

The outdoor events and dinners provide a unique opportunity to learn more about foraging and wild foods while enjoying delicious meals made with ingredients gathered by Kempenich himself. In addition, Gentleman Forager also supplies fresh mushrooms, wild greens, and other foraged foods to local restaurants, all while ensuring that foraging practices are sustainable and responsible.

Whether you're new to foraging or an experienced forager, Gentleman Forager is a great resource for exploring the world of wild foods. Come join us for an adventure!

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