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Gentleman Forager pioneers the future of wellness-driven, mushroom-infused food and beverages. As industry leaders, we're dedicated to setting the gold standard. Explore the scientific foundation and cutting-edge research below that powers our commitment to elevating your well-being. Our relentless pursuit of innovation, backed by rigorous studies, positions Gentleman Forager as the foremost authority in delivering functional mushroom excellence. Join us on the forefront of a new era in nourishment and discover how we're reshaping the industry.

Sourcing and Validating Research

Translating Science into Exceptional Products

For over 15 years, Gentleman Forager, led by Mike Kempenich, AKA The Gentleman Forager, has been a trailblazer in the world of wild mushroom identification, cultivation, and education. A past wild mushroom identification certification instructor at both the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin, Mike brings a wealth of expertise to our brand. In addition to his role as a seasoned instructor, he has transitioned his focus to pioneering functional mushroom food products.

As the founder of Forest to Fork, the nation's first wild food grocer located in St. Paul, Minnesota, he left an indelible mark on America's wild food landscape. Forest to Fork, celebrated for its innovative approach, featured a captivating 20-foot-tall glass chamber that nurtured the growth of mushrooms for all to witness, alongside offering a diverse array of wild food products. Today, Mike's dedication to your well-being and exceptional culinary experiences continues through Gentleman Forager's commitment to crafting outstanding functional mushroom food products.

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