What does Gentleman Forager do?



Foraging for wild mushrooms in our nation’s great forests, as well as cultivating mushrooms from scratch to sell to restaurants and retail stores is how our business got its start. Those activities also led to us providing guided wild mushroom hunting outings for individuals and groups.



Hosting fun events are always something we love to do. These include pop-up wild food events, the Black Morel Hootenanny, the Lobster Mushroom Jamboree and our annual Wild Food Fandango, attracting more 1k guests.



We often collaborate with food-industry businesses to develop delicious creations and menu items using wild and wildly unique ingredients. We also work hard to deliver on many other creative business ideas related to wild food, gardening and farming.



We are constantly celebrating wild mushrooms and other wild-harvest foods, as well as the laid-back lifestyle that surrounds it. We greatly enjoy endorsing fun and interesting people, places, things and activities by creating and sharing engaging articles, videos and social media content.



Wild mushroom identification courses are at the heart of the business. Students learn all they need to know to successfully hunt for many varieties of edible wild mushrooms in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Several in-person classes are put on throughout the year, and online classes are coming soon.

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Delivering our products and services with a smile is how we make our living. And we do it in our own unique style. For example, our "Gentleman Forager Eats" outdoor catering kitchen is cooking up something crave-worthy every week from mouthwatering meats to vegetarian shawarma and more. If you are eating a wild mushroom at your favorite restaurant in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, chances are it was harvested by Gentleman Forager and his team of highly skilled foragers.

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