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A group of men and women gathered in a forest to learn

Classes & Events

Explore the Wild: Educate, Gather, Revel.

A glass of Tangerine Headwater


Invigorate Your Routine With Natures Remedy

A formal long table dinner setting in a beeautiful forest


Wildly Unique Catering for Unforgettable Events

A cute little cabin store in the woods


Cool, Curated, and Kinda Magical

A book and compass in a forest

Our Story

A Trail Less Traveled: Carving Our Niche in Nature

Introducing Headwater Beverages

Headwater is here to revolutionize your perception of functional beverages. Learn all about the flavors and health benefits of Headwater Beverages

A futuristic woman whose electrical brainwaves are visible
Students at a mushroom class

Mushroom Classes, Foraging and Events

Start your journey with the Gentleman Forager classes and learn about mushroom science, food and foraging. Join us for fun events with music, food, and of course mushrooms.

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