Classes, Foraging and Special Events

There is FAR more to the mushroom season than morels! Our seasonal Identification Classes at Gentleman Forager are organized to teach specifically about mushrooms found in Spring, Summer, or Fall. The classes are designed for you to take any course you choose, or all three seasons. For each course, you will learn to positively identify at least four species of wild, edible mushrooms—native to Minnesota and found throughout the world. Gentleman Forager is the oldest, most trusted source in the upper Midwest to educate and entertain you.

Our classes are perfect for the beginner, or for any experienced forager who wants to brush up on their skills. Veteran mushroom hunter Mike Kempenich—owner of Gentleman Forager, founder of Forest to Fork and past wild mushroom identification certification instructor at both the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin Extensions—is your instructor. Mike has 40 years of experience in the woods. He will help you traverse the world of wild mushroom foraging and will also reveal to you his many tips to be successful. After taking these Identification Classes, you will become a confident mushroom forager. Our goal is to have you successfully finding wild mushrooms and using them in your kitchen kitchen—secure in your knowledge to positively identify them—every time.

Classes are an excellent way to gain knowledge, but many people want to test that knowledge and learn more in the woods. If you’re looking for a unique experience that combines camping at a private location, top chef prepared meals, guided foraging with Gentleman Forager and live music under the stars at night, you should come join us at one of our weekend or even daily events and festivals. Getting to know the chefs and musicians that attend is also part of the experience! We limit most events to no more than 50 people to ensure a very comfortable, personal experience.

Maybe you just aren’t a “woods person” --- and that’s OK. You can still come to one of our Forager’s Dinners! Award winning chefs creating spectacular 5-course menus that are unique to Gentleman Forager. You just won’t find such creatively wild menus anywhere else. We often add an experiential component or live music and I promise they are a ton of fun and a great chance to have a private dining experience and meet new and interesting people like yourself!

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