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Who is behind Gentleman Forager?

MMF Hunt & Munch August 3, 2014 448 - Ve
MMF Mike with Jennifer Simmonson 8.4
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MMF Mike with Jennifer Simmonson 8.4

Mike Kempenich AKA “The Gentleman Forager” is a exotic mushroom cultivator, forager and wild foods distributor from Minneapolis Minnesota, sometimes described as a leader in the locavore movement. Mike is the owner of a wholesale distribution company of wild foods called Gentleman Forager and the founder of a retail company called Forest to Fork, which specializes in exotic mushroom cultivation and retail sales of mushrooms and other wild food products. Gentleman Forager is also the host of an annual event called the Wild Food Fandango, which hosts top chefs to compete in creating the crowd’s favorite wild food dish, attracting more than 1,000 people each Spring.  He is a past instructor at both the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin extensions where he taught wild mushroom identification certification classes. Mike has done numerous television and radio shows, both regional and nationally, and has been featured, or been a contributor, to a lengthy list of newspaper, magazine, and on-line stories. Mike spent nearly two decades as an executive recruiter before giving away his suits and ties to pursue his passion and brings this unique and relatable experience to audiences.

For over a decade now, Gentleman Forager has been building a recognized, and respected brand in the wild food industry. Our mission is to revolutionize the way mushrooms, and other wild foods, are integrated into consumers lifestyles.


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