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Who is Gentleman Forager?


Mike Kempenich, also known as "The Gentleman Forager," is the owner and President of Gentleman Forager, an exotic mushroom cultivator, forager, educator, and wild foods distributor based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For over a decade, the company has been building a respected brand in the wild food industry, with a mission to revolutionize the way mushrooms and other foraged foods are integrated into consumers' lifestyles. The company got its start by foraging in remote forests and cultivating exotic, specialty mushrooms, and later founded a retail brand called Forest to Fork which was sold to an outside investment group for national distribution. After this, Kempenich refocused on his passion for spending more time in the woods and the company has grown to include guiding wild foraging outings, teaching wild mushroom identification courses, mobile catering, special events, and collaborating with food-industry businesses to develop value-added food products using foraged and unique ingredients.

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