Who is Gentleman Forager?



For more than a decade, Gentleman Forager (GF) has been building a recognized, and respected brand in the wild food industry. Their mission is to revolutionize the way mushrooms, and other wild foods, are integrated into consumers lifestyles. Foraging for wild mushrooms in remote forests, as well as cultivating exotic, specialty mushrooms is how the business got its start. The company also focuses on guiding wild mushroom-hunt outings and teaching wild mushroom identification courses. GF often collaborates with food-industry businesses to develop delicious creations and menu items using wild and wildly unique ingredients. They enjoy endorsing fun and interesting people, places, things and activities by creating and sharing engaging articles, videos and social media content. Hosting fun events, running an outdoor catering service, and selling their unique products and services with a smile is what they do.


Mike Kempenich—also known as “The Gentleman Forager”—is the company owner and President. He is an exotic mushroom cultivator, forager, instructor and wild foods distributor from Minneapolis Minnesota, sometimes described as a leader in locavore dining, wild foraging, and vertical urban-farming movements. Kempenich is dedicated to propagating top-quality specialty products; delivering excellent customer service; practicing sustainable and organic production techniques; and supporting commercial foragers, farmers and cultivators.